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Contact sports, though very fun to play, can put your smile at risk if you aren’t wearing a proper safety appliance. You can develop a cracked tooth or receive tooth loss if you receive an unexpected blow to the head during a game. If you are involved in sports, it’s important that you wear an athletic mouth guard when playing, and you can choose from the following options:

– Stock mouth guard: The most basic option, this appliance can be found at sporting goods store, usually in one size that fits all. Because this type of mouth guard isn’t customizable, you may notice that it obstructs your breathing somewhat or feels loose.

– Boil-and-bite mouth guard: This appliance is shaped to your mouth after being boiled and softened and then bitten into. As it cools, it firms up again. The fit of this mouth guard typically isn’t perfect and may feel bulky.

– Custom mouth guard: Dr. Dayton Hart can provide a custom appliance after taking an impression of your bite pattern and submitting it to a dental lab to custom craft the appliance from a thermoplastic material. By wearing a mouth guard that fits properly, you can avoid tooth and jaw damage and even concussions. This appliance is made to last several years if treated well.

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