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For many patients, teeth grinding is a true dental problem. More formally known as bruxism, teeth grinding or clenching can wear down your teeth and cause fissures, as well as make you develop significant earaches and headaches during sleep, leaving you feeling ill and uncomfortable when you wake up in the morning. Though bruxism is harmful and should not be ignored, it is frequently unaddressed. Fortunately, we offer nighttime mouth guards to protect your smile from teeth grinding while you sleep.

Night guards are retainer-like appliances that cover your teeth during the nighttime and separate your top and bottom arches so that your formerly harmful night grinding doesn’t cause your teeth to rub together. Night guards are designed to prevent harm to your teeth, and Dr. Dayton Hart can help you determine if you need one to prevent the harmful effects of bruxism.

We are pleased to provide custom-made night guards at Dayton Hart DMD as an effective way to preserve your teeth during sleep and stall any earaches you might have developed as a result of nightly teeth grinding.

If you are interested in receiving a night guard in Foley, Alabama, please feel free to call 251-943-2471 today to arrange an appointment with our dentist. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile!