Holistic Dentistry

1. What is holistic dentistry?

2. Dangers of mercury fillings

3. Smoking tooth (visual mercury outgasing) parts 1 and 2


4. Get the mercury filling out asap.

5.  Detoxing after mercury removal; several video links

6.  What is biocompatibility, and why do you recommend it?

A biocompatibility reports lists 1,500+ dental materials and shows whether your body is compatible with the dental material. We want to restore your mouth with materials that will not add to the inflammatory process that already exist in the body. Inflammation is what makes the body vulnerable to many disease processes such as diabetes and autoimmune diseases.
Why does Dr Hart do an exam for oral bacteria? The oral bacteria can indicate if the patient has bacteria associated with periodontal disease. If we spot it early, we can treat it early and reduce the potential damage in the long run.

Mouth Bacteria VIDEO

8. Why does Dr. Hart check oral pH?

He is trying to identify inflammation. Acidic pH indicates a high systemic inflammation. Diet counseling can help the patient lower salivary pH and general systemic inflammation, and make the body more resistant to disease.

9.  Why doesn't Dr. Hart recommend fluoride? Fluoride is a neuro-toxin. It lowers IQ and causes many diseases, including cancer. Refer to www.fluoridealert.com. It causes cancer in teenage boys, according to one researcher who discovered this in her thesis research in Boston. Dr. Hart has asked Foley to take the fluoride out of the water. They said they would not until the health department indicated there was a problem. Put filters on your drinking water to remove the fluoride.
Mercury and Fluoride: the dumbing down of a population

10.   What is the IAOMT?

The IAOMT is the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Dr. Hart follows their protocol for mercury removal. www.IAOMT.com
Go to your zip code on the site to find a trained dentist in your zip code and much educational material.
11. What is the Huggins alliance? The Huggins alliance is a group of dentists trained by Dr. Hal Huggins. Dr. Hart is a member and gets referrals from Huggins.
BPABis-Phenol-A is a chemical used in many plastics. The FDA recommends not using any products that contain it. Many composite filling materials have this chemical. Dr. Hart uses only BPS-free composites.

12. BPA death by plastic

13. Oral pH

Our bodies need to be more alkaline. The more acid our body has, the more vulnerable we are to disease. Minerals are absorbed better in an alkaline solution.
International Academy of Oral Medicine and ToxicologyAlabama Dental AssociationTrudentaAmerican Dental Association